1. The result is provisional.

2. In case of any typological error or discrepancy , the student is required to report at their respective college for neccessary intimation to the University.

3. As per the provision of the Grading System of the University 'M' denotes MALPRACTICE (Grade Point 0) and 'S' denotes ABSENT (Grade Point 0) and F Grade in (Int=Internal, Ext=External, Pr=Practical).

4. The SGPA shown for the subjects displayed in this page

5. WhOR(I)- Result Withheld for Non-Submission / Receipt of Registered Internal / Sessional / Practical.

6. MPR- Malpractice Reported.

Director, Examinations


1. The results published are provisional and subject to change after post publication scruitny by BPUT.

2. The university shall not be held responsible for any inadvertent error that may have crept into the results being displayed.